Memories Over Macros

Memories are more important than macros!

I frequently get comments from clients who talk about being stressed over an upcoming date night or birthday party or night out with friends or vacation.

Those moments and experiences should not be stressful!

One of the biggest issues with the “set it and forget it” style of “nutrition coaching” is this pass or fail mentality it creates.

You either followed the plan or you didn’t. So what that you were celebrating a birthday with your family.. you didn’t hit your macros! Epic fail!

Hopefully, when you hear it like that it doesn’t make sense. However, when you’ve been working with a nutrition company or coach for a while that kind of internal mindset can take hold.

Your plan needs to be dynamic and should include plenty of space for the truly meaningful moments in your life.

If you’re not filling your heart and soul then it doesn’t matter how on point you are with macros.. you’ll never really be healthy or happy.

If you feel like a failure for enjoying life a little, it’s time to reassess your plan.

Memories are more important than macros!