Neurotype Case Study: Gina

Meet Gina!

Gina is a type 3 Neurotype. Type 3’s are serotonin dominant, meaning they have low levels of serotonin.

Typically type 3’s are your worriers. They’re high cortisol producers and more anxious.

They love to plan things out in advance.

Type 3’s are built for more endurance activities like long distance running or cycling.

When it comes to lifting, they are built for structure. They need to know what’s coming in advance.

They get stronger by mastering technique. They will only feel comfortable going heavier on a lift when they feel in total control of the movement.

Due to their high cortisol production and low serotonin levels, type 3 typically struggles with body composition.

There are pros and cons of each Neurotype.

While type 3’s may have a harder time dealing with stress, they are also super consistent.

Compliance and adherence is generally not an issue for a type 3.

With Gina, we utilized a training protocol specific to type 3’s that made sense for her life.

We kept carbs to a moderate amount and did various forms of carb cycling.

Type 3’s need carbs because carbs help increase serotonin, however, we also have to be smart because type 3’s can often have some degree of insulin resistance.

We also established some really solid habits and mindfulness practices to help Gina manage stress effectively.

She has been great at communicating with me and providing updates on her biofeedback each week.

We also worked on establishing balance in her life. During this 5 month process, she has had vacations, social events, family gatherings, holiday parties, etc.

Understanding that each person is an individual is important.

Yes, Gina is a type 3 so we take certain things into consideration with regards to her Neurotype but we also look at the context of her life overall.

It’s so much more than macros.

Hope this gives you a little insight into the process of individual nutrition coaching and how neurotyping principles apply.