Neurotype Case Study: Meghan

I want to introduce you to Meghan. Like me, Meghan is a type 2A.

We are adrenaline dominant and built for variety. I used to bounce around to different programs and couldn’t figure out why nothing would stick.

Meghan had a similar experience and then began training based on her Neurotype.

She works out at home and because she enjoys several training modalities, we’re able to keep a mix of strength, cardio, and high-intensity training.

The game changer for Meghan was when we were able to fit her nutrition plan to her life.

Being a mom of 4 kids is a challenge in itself! We needed to find a way to keep things fresh, work around the schedule of a busy mom, and allow for flexibility like pizza nights or chipotle 🙂

We also had some mindset hurdles to overcome. Meghan came from another nutrition company and regressed during that time.

She was feeling lost, said she lacked confidence, and just wanted to feel good in her clothes again!

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we take care of things on an individual level and educate throughout the process.

In just over 2 months, Meghan is now down 12 pounds and has never felt better!

Her confidence is through the roof and she has a strong grasp on what works best for her life, her goals, and her body.

She was able to accomplish this through the holidays when most people are struggling.

We have used several different protocols that make sense for her neurological profile and for her life.

With type 2A’s, everything can work, but nothing works for very long. So we find ways to keep variety in the mix while still progressing forward.

We’ve incorporated some prolonged fasts on occasion, adjusted macros based on how her body was responding, built in some flexibility for weekends and special occasions, and established some healthy habits that will serve as her foundation for life.

I love these transformations that occur inside and out because they hit so close to home.
I know what it’s like to feel lost. To lack confidence. To feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels.

Take the situation into your own hands and learn more about YOU! The way you’re wired and the context of your life will tell us everything we need to know.