The meaning behind the name:
Peak Optimization Performance

It has two meanings and both are very personal for me…

Let’s start with the more obvious. When people hear optimization and performance they immediately think about training. That’s certainly part of it. But for me, it goes way beyond that.

My journey has taken me to every extreme and through the full spectrum of emotions. Being ashamed of my body. Not wanting to be social. Not feeling adequate enough. Self-doubt. Obsession. Feeling trapped. So for me.. optimizing performance goes well beyond the gym. It’s about performance in LIFE. Feeling confident in your own skin. Living more vibrantly. Being proud of the person you are and always striving for more.

The peak is about being the best version of yourself. Not what anyone else wants you to be. Just being unapologetically YOU!

The second meaning has to do with one of my biggest supporters and mentors. My grandfather, who we called Pop Pop, was the most incredible person I knew. It wasn’t just his success in his career, or his philanthropy, or the millions of lives he touched (although I fully admired all of those qualities).. it was that no matter how busy he was, how much shit he had going on in his life, and how many directions he was being pulled in… he always had time to connect with people. He always made you feel like the most important person in the world. He was fascinated by what I do for a living and I was so excited to make him proud through my success.

Unfortunately, Pop Pop passed away but I still carry his values and feel the impact he made on my life, every day.

You’ll notice the squared symbol in the Peak Optimization Performance (POP) logo.. and that’s in honor of Pop Pop. I want to always remember that no matter how busy I am or what’s happening in my life, connecting with people will always be a priority. My everyday job is training and nutrition coaching. But my goal is to carry on my grandfather’s legacy and create a lasting impact on my client’s lives that goes beyond food and exercise.


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